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Sabaki River Delta Hotel

with tented camp and campground

at the Sabaki River Mouth Estuary

Malindi, Kenya

The Sabaki River mouth is a renowned estuary just five miles north of Malindi and two hours north of Mombassa on the Kenya coast. Just one mile from the river mouth among scattered Giliama farms and lily-covered lakes, rooms look over the river and Indian Ocean. Within a miles walk are beaches, dunes, estuary with fisher folk, farmsteads and Sabaki village. This beautiful site is well known for birds such as the Malindi Pipit, Madagascar Pratincole and Zanzibar Red Bishop, and is visited by thousands of migrant waders, gulls and terns, and resident waterbirds including flamingoes; it has been designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA)of Kenya.

Malindi Cottage

The newly renovated four-room hotel is on a hill overlooking the estuary and Indian Ocean. The four large rooms have private showers, flush toilets, and electricity and lanterns. The hotel solves the problem naturalists, photographers and birdwatchers face in finding comfortable accommodations in a natural setting, close to this and other wildlands of the region. Meals can be arranged and a tented camp and safe camping are available. Beautiful Kenya coastal natural areas like, Gedi Ruins, Sokoke Forest, Mirafa Colored Canyons, Watamu Marine Park and Mida Creek are less than an hour away. Malindi airport and town center market are less than a half hour away. Photography options of people and natural subjects are infinite.

Indian Ocean from Campsite Sabaki Estuary at Sunset

The Cottage Up

The Sabaki River Delta Hotel lies on a hill overlooking ponds, the Sabaki River and estuary, and the Indian Ocean. There are two upstairs rooms and two downstairs. A small library of African natural history books is available, as are binoculars. Meals are taken in covered verandas or on the balcony.

Malindi cottage with new porch addition Mr Karabu and guest on new porch Interior of Cottage

The Campsite Up

The Sabaki campsite is located on the same breezy hill just 150 meters from the cottage. A grove of cashew trees affords shade, and washing and drinking water are provided in tanks. There is a shower, flush toilet, fireplace and cooking grill. A guard is always on duty, although the area is very peaceful.

Malidi Campsite


For US$12.00 per day, travelers receive three traditional meals per day, including fish, ugali, vegetables, fruits, tea or coffee. Beer, soft drinks, and special food items can be arranged.


Costs are in US Dollars, payable in Kenyan shillings.
  Sabaki Cottage $25.00 Single room
    $30.00 Double Room
    $ 8.00 per additional persons in room

  Sabaki Campsite $ 7.00 per person per night

  Meals $ 2.00 for Breakfast
    $ 5.00 for Lunch
    $ 5.00 for Dinner

  Volunteer Researchers $15.00 per person per night with meals, in single or shared room.

Directions Up

Rodgers Karabu

To reach the cottage drive or taxi north from Malindi about five miles and cross the large Sabaki River bridge. On the north side immediately turn right through the village. You may need to ask in the village how to get onto the track through the village and headed east toward the cottage. Tell them you want to reach the home of Rodgers Karabu (pictured at right), who is well known. Perhaps a boy can accompany you. The track is passable, with care, to any vehicle when dry. After rains you may need to park the car halfway. Proceed from the village about half a mile towards the river mouth. It is an easy walk. The cottage is signed and on the right.

Reservations Up

Carrying water

For reservations contact:
Margaret Kadzo


In Kenya
254 724 146 374

Drop-ins are welcome and space is usually available at the cottage and always at the campsite.

Sabaki River Delta Hotel
on the Sabaki River

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