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Sabaki River Delta Hotel

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Comments from Past Visitors to Sabaki River Camp and Cottage

Lilac-breasted Roller

"This is always a highlight of our safari. The opportunity to at least take walks after the confines of the national parks, especially in this evocative landscape, allows you to finally feel wild Africa underfoot. The birds are phenomenal, dozens of species are seen only here on our itinerary. There are flamingoes, Zanzibar red bishop, Madagascar pratincoles, goliath heron and a hundred different waterbirds. They can easily be photographed as can the people fishing, farming or carrying water. And Rodgers and his family are a delight to talk with and gracious hosts."

Mark Smith,
Naturalist Safari Guide
Mark Smith Nature Tours

PO Box 3831
Portland OR 97208, USA

Golden Palm Weaver photo by Dr Helmut Grunberg

(Golden Palm Weaver photo at right by Dr Helmut Grunberg)

"The Karabu family are wonderful hosts, willing to accommodate all their guests' needs. The area is especially beautiful with hippo ponds, rolling dunes and vistas across the river flats, flamingos, eagles and thousands of migrant birds. The Sabaki River estuary and its surrounding sand dunes, marshes and hills are of great potential for naturalists who want to find birds and other creatures they may not have seen before. Some of the eighty-five species of birds I encountered in a three days are greater and lesser flamingo, black-chested snake eagle, lizard buzzard, water thick-knee, two pratincole species, two sandplover species, black-crowned tchagra and golden palm weaver, see photo below."

Dr. Helmut Grunberg
Institute of Biology
Yukon College
807 Wheeler Street
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Canada, Y1A2P8

Madagascar Pratincole Photo by Bing Wong (Madagascar Pratincole Photo by Bing Wong)

"The cottage is simple and delightful. Rodgers and his family were extremely gracious and we had a marvelous time discussing everything from world politics to local superstition. Janet, Zawadi and Bahati worked very hard to prepare meals for us and make sure that the rooms were clean and well-kept. We had more food than we could eat, and were very grateful that Rodgers took a great deal of care to accomodate our vegetarian diet and Uli's food allergies. Mtawali has found a place in both our hearts - he is a great kid... and a budding artist. It was rewarding to see him and Uli work together, drawing the birds he knows so much about.

"We were not birdwatchers before we visited Sabaki, but we are now. It is hard to believe how many utterly beautiful species we saw, and we were very grateful for the company and binoculars of Mtawali. He is an extremely knowledgeable guide, and entertaining company besides. It seems almost a sacrilege to share the secret of the estuary with others - and yet it would be a shame for nature lovers not to visit this perfect sanctuary. Walking over the dunes to the ocean in the mid-afternoon is an otherworldly experience. Rodgers and his family are generous hosts - they went out of their way to make our stay exceedingly comfortable. They lead a simple dignified life, and we are glad to have been able to share it for a few days."

Spring Gombe and Uli Goetz


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